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With a background in fine art and design, internationally recognized photographer David Lace has numerous credits in the fields of fashion, beauty, still life, erotic and fine art. While residing on the west coast (Venice Beach, California) he created award-winning photography for both the fine art world and commercial markets. His limited edition fine art prints have been widely published and shown in galleries worldwide.

David is widely known for his innovative use of creative and non-traditional lighting techniques, his unique flair for composition, and his stunning rich toned black & white images. With more than 20 years in the industry, he commands an exceptional understanding of both natural and artificial light with an eye the for the eclectic and beautiful.

David currently lives in Atlanta with his amazing 4 year old son, Zayden and their 3 dogs: Gandhi, DJ, and Angel.


"I particularly love the intrigue and amazing beauty of black & white photography and its ability to unravel and illuminate the mysteries and spirituality of a subject, exposing new worlds that are not normally seen. With the unique language of black & white I feel that I am often able to capture the spiritual essence of people and places that would not have been possible with traditional color photography.

"People often ask me about the technical aspects of my photography--equipment, lenses, apertures, lighting, gizmos and gadgets, etc.--but in reality the vast technical part of the photographic process holds very little sustained interest for me. From its inception, photography has been as much about spiritual essences as aperture and lighting. Minor White and Ansel Adams wrote philosophically about the subject of photography, appearing as enlightened visionaries who spoke about subjects that were as mystical as any religious form.

"When I look through my camera lens I make a conscious effort to glimpse the eternal, to endeavor to see amidst the shadows, textures, and patterns the universal elements of mystery and magic, glimpses of the mystical.

"My ultimate goal for my photography and my art is to illuminate the presence of divine beauty and help contribute to higher levels of consciousness in our world. And my desire is that my work will be a uniquely enlightening fusion of the erotic, mystical, spiritual, and the intellectual.

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